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Manchester Bike Hire

Manchester Bike Hire is a trading name of Cycle Waggle Ltd. (company registration number is 9034563). We also run wagl last mile deliveries - zero carbon cycle logistics in the centre of Manchester. Cycle Waggle Ltd. is the brainchild of two Manchester cyclists, Pavol Gajdos and Richard Armitage.


How Manchester Bike Hire started

As a full time student and cyclist, Manchester Bike Hire's founder, Pavol Gajdos, was totally dependent on his bicycle and needed it every day. He could not afford two bicycles, so if his bike was being repaired, he was really stuck. He searched for a a walk-in bicycle repair shop ready to mend his bicycle while he waited. But they wanted him to book in advance, with the repair usually taking more that a day - leaving Pavol with no bicycle. A complimentary bicycle whilst his bike was being repaired would have been ideal. This gave Pavol, who has a business studies degree from Salford University, his first business idea: a bike repair shop that offered customers a complimentary bicycle for the duration of each repair. But he quickly realised that opening a good quality bike repair shop was more complicated than he expected. With virtually every cyclist riding a different bicycle, the repair shop needs many different parts from many different suppliers. So Pavol went back to the drawing board.


He came up with the concept of a fleet of identical hire bikes, which would greatly reduce the number of spare parts in stock. It is very unlikely the same part will break down on all the bicycles at the same time. Better still, maintaining and repairing the same type of bicycle means that over time he would become very efficient and be very knowledgable about these hire bikes, reducing costs. Pavol pondered what else would make the service even more convenient. He came up with Manchester Bike Hire's USP - he would deliver the hire bike to the customer, for free in Manchester central zone., offering a very high level of service. As a result, Manchester Bike Hire is not based in an expensive bike hire shop!.Better still, as Pavol knew from the start that he did not want to drive a van to help people cycle, he came up with the idea of a bicycle trailer on which to carry his hire bikes.


Manchester Bike Hire opened for business on 1st July 2013. To date, Pavol has not used a motor vehicle to deliver or collect a hired bike, providing inspiration to others and leading by example using zero carbon travel.


Pavol deals with everyone personally via his mobile phone and takes a mobile card machine with him for payments and deposits. He can carry everything he needs with him. Thanks to the identical bikes he maintains them on the spot, and the trailer allows him to recover hire bikes from anywhere within Greater Manchester including delivering a replacement bike if a longer repair is necessary.

Last Mile Deliveries

In Spring 2014, Pavol Gajdos teamed up with an experienced Manchester business partner, Richard Armitage. Manchester Bike Hire has now been joined by Wagl Last Mile Deliveries. We offer cargo bicycle deliveries within Central and Greater Manchester. Transporting goods the traditional way (in a van or car) is not only very impractical in more and more congested cities but also very environmentally unfriendly. With traffic jams and insufficient car park spaces we believe that future of logistics in city and town centres lies with cycle logistics. Our cargo bicycles can carry loads of up to 250 kg and produce zero emissions. Moreover they are much more quieter and smaller than vans or cars and keep our rider fit.


We expect this part of our business to grow significantly in the near future allowing us to help reduce motorised traffic on Manchester's streets, leading to a cleaner, quieter and healthier city.

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