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City Bikes

Great for getting around the city More details

Comfortable and height adjustable saddle

The padded, ergonomically designed saddle provides a comfortable ride overall types of terrain. To adjust the height, release the lever below the saddle. Slide the seat up or down to the correct height. Tighten the lever.


Keep dirt off your clothes and your bike with these high quality mudguards.

The ultimate protection from mud and water while cycling.

Axa Defender rear wheel lock

Every Manchester Bike Hire bicycle is equipped with a frame-mounted Axa Defender rear wheel lock. This prevents the cycle being ridden or pushed away. Always use it when leaving the bicycle unattended.


Every Manchester Bike Hire bicycle is equipped with a Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 D-lock. This allows you to fasten the cycle to a post or bar. Always use it when leaving the bicycle unattended.


Stylish large basket to carry your bags or belongings while you cycle about Manchester.

Dynamo Lights

The front and rear dynamo lights start to operate automatically when the bike is in motion. After you’ve been cycling for about a minute, the lights will remain lit for up to 5 minutes after you stop.

Puncture resistant tyres

If you have a puncture, simply lock the bicycle and let us know where it is. We will come to collect it and repair the puncture. If you are outside the Manchester area, you will need to get the bicycle back to the city. For instance, you could put it on the train, then lock it up at the train station and we will collect it from there.

Front and rear brakes

Our bicycles have internal hub brakes. They are very reliable and effective. Moreover, they work in any weather. Always pull on the left hand brake first (rear brake). Then bring the bike to a gradual stop using the right hand brake (front brake).

Chain guard

A full chain casing completely protects the chain, front chain-ring and rear cog from the elements, as well as protecting your clothes.

Kick stand

The best way to park your bike without propping it against rough walls.  It makes loading your basket so much easier.

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