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Choose which mountain bike is best for you

Due to the continuous demand for mountain bikes we’ve decided to give it a go and purchased 2 extraordinary mountain/trekking bikes. Standard mountain bikes can be hired at many places so we decided to be a bit unusual and make fat tyre bikes available for hire.

Meet our Surly Krampus and Pugsley

Surly Krampus

Krampus XL 21” frame only suitable for people over 6’ (180 cm) tall

Krampus is the evolution of the 29er. It’s not a fat bike. True, its got 3” tires on 50mm rims (we call this combination “29+”). But where fat bikes are really designed for slow-speed crawling, Krampus’s frame (geometry, tubing diameter/thickness) has been designed with a long toptube and as short a rear end as we could get away with given the wheel/tire size. This, when combined with the big, wide tires, results in a mad amount of rolling inertia and grip. It rips and responds well to body English. The big tires also offer a bit of suspension-like cushion. Krampus is a trail bike that also tackles all kinds of terrain. Krampus lives somewhere between bushwhacking, speed racing, and back lot dirt track riding, and all this makes it just plain fun to ride.

Krampus is perfect bike for exploring unknown territories. It is a perfect to be taken on unknown cycle paths that may have plenty of surprises in store for you. When correctly deflated the 3”+ tyres provide 2 inches suspension front and back to smoothen rough terrain and also offer great flotation in mud and great grip on the hills. If you want to take it out for a spin get in touch.

For more about Krampus just klick here: Surley


Pugsley Large 20” frame only suitable for people from 5’8” (170 cm) to 6’4” (194 cm)

Pugsley was developed by Surly because they wanted people to be able to ride a bike where other bikes simply faltered. In order to do that they figured that this bicycle needed to have floatation and traction the likes of which have never before been seen. Pugsley is their brilliant solution to this -and it seems to work. This bike rolls through all the sloppiest slop around. Pugsley will get through snow, sand & mud that standard mountain bike will have no chance in. Intrigued? Get in touch for hire details.

For more about pugsley just klick here: Pugsley

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