Halloween Tour 2

Manhestersr Halloween Bike tour, visiting some of the most haunted locations in Manchester city centre.

Mischievous spirits, ghostly shadows and creepy Victorian ladies are just some of the eerie happenings in some of Manchester’s most haunted locations

1.The Albert Hall, Manchester

Believed to be occupied by a poltergeist which featured on TV series Most Haunted.

2.The Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

Said to be haunted by the actor and artistic director James Maxwell.

3.Manchester Town Hall

Believed to be haunted by the ghost of a Victorian policemen.

4.Manchester Cathedral

In the 1940’s a man’s sister named Fanny was seen in the knave of the building.  Even though he thought his sister was many miles away, when he called out to her, she vanished.  The following day he received news that his sister had died.

5.Ordsall Hall, Salford, Manchester

The white lady, who was a maid of honour to Queen Elizabeth 1.  A jilted bride, Margaret Radclyffe had died of a broken heart in 1599 and now haunts the Old Hall which is over 600 years old.  You can, if you are brave enough, spend a night inside the Old Hall.

Other stories will be told of the Myths, Legends and Ghosts of Manchester.  As our guide takes you round Manchester’s most haunted locations.

For ADULTS ONLY, a glass of wine to finish the tour at the Hanging Ditch,  a mysterious location in its own right situated beside Manchester Cathedral.  The Hanging Ditch has a long historical history dating back to the beginning of Manchester as a developing and evolving city in the North West.

Tour will last beteen 2 and 3 hours depending on the speed of the group.

Halloween Fancy dress welcome!


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