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Carla Cargo is a uniquely designed robust & powerful 3 wheeled trailer that can be towed behind any bicycle or E-bike via a seat post attached hitch. Its simple and easy-but-secure attachment allows the user to unhitch the trailer in seconds, so it becomes a hand-cart in areas not so suitable for cycling or for people unable to cycle.


Carla Cargo comes in two versions:

- Carla Cargo “Mechanical” trailer suitable for towing behind a bicycle or by hand;

- Carla Cargo Power Trailer equipped with an electric motor in the front wheel that makes towing the trailer much easier.


Every trailer is equipped with 2 powerful rear wheel disc brakes. The brakes are activated automatically every time the trailer pushes forward on the steering arm. These overrun brakes are an important safety feature.


In addition there’s a hand-operated brake which also serves a the parking brake to ensure your trailer doesn’t run away whilst it is being loaded or unloaded.

  • Kerbside weight: 60KG
  • Quick release 2 person passenger seat constructed from strong mesh
  • Rear cargo tailgate
  • Strong and lightweight cargo floor pan
  • 40cm deep alloy side cladding
  • Rear foot well and protection bar
  • Alloy chariot safety rail
  • Side impact protection
  • External dimensions:

107cm wide x 239cm long x 120cm high

  • Optional canopy
  • Optional electric assist

For more information on the Carla Cargo trailer, click HERE for the full spec in PDF format.


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